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We Provide Business Therapy For Digital Creatives.

The best thing about working with Connor was the direction he gave me in how to run my business more efficiently. As someone who isn’t very ‘numbers’ oriented, it was helpful to have Connor lay it all out for me so I can tangibly see how my business is doing and what steps I need to take to scale.
— Jordan C.
Connor is an excellent professional to work with. He is a great listener with sharp wit that has helped me navigate obstacles in my first year of business. Connor fills a niche for small businesses by providing a supportive network and a concise plan of action.
— Betty P.

Connor Miller

Connor Miller is a writer, organizer, and ghost living in Seattle, Washington. Connor grew up in the Bay Area, attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York, and ended up in the Pacific Northwest in 2015. He interviews small business owners who utilize online tools for core processes, and shares his findings via podcast and YouTube. Using grassroots campaigns and in-person networking skills, he excels at building communities around engaging content. Further, he hosts in-store events for retail spaces and manages social media campaigns for brands. He is the author of the entrepreneur’s handbook Sustainable Loops (2019), and co-founder of The Orbit. He loves coffee and books.

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Jaron Nix

Jaron is a chemical and biological engineer living in Seattle, WA. He trained as an entrepreneur through the national NSF I-Corps and VentureWell E-team programs, stages I & II, and has repeatedly worked as a creative director and technologist. He has experience developing products in the heavily-regulated biotechnology and cell therapy industries and founded two biotech startups, Viastem and Dissociator. He and Michael have an extensive collaborative history, from genomic research to prototyping and nation-wide pitches. Jaron excels at bringing a design-oriented perspective to highly-technical challenges.


Our Services

We are a knowledgeable sounding board for business ventures. Experts in organization, strategy, and online tools, we aim to clarify the next steps for companies that are looking to grow. From the garage tinkerer to the stay-at-home-mom-slash-painter, we talk to everyone we can who opens their own online storefront in order to better understand what works.



Using our experience and field research in the arena of Instagram-based small business operations, we offer actionable strategies and outlines for how to grow sales and streamline your key activities for a smoothly-run and scale-able company.


MEdia Production

Through video, audio, articles, and more, we produce original content geared towards driving sales and marketing to your core customer. Complete with hands-on knowledge of existing and emerging platforms, we can help build your media presence with high-quality content.



We are experts in building communities in person and online. By gathering talented individuals and sharing their collective experiences, we create a support group of entrepreneurs that can lend their expertise to others in their field.


Face to Face


Age of Audio


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The book

Whether you are trying to run a creative small business, find time to make more art, or just drink more water, this books aims to help you get into productive habits through focused experimentation. Sustainable Loops provides worksheets, tips, and immediately actionable strategies to improve your well-being while managing your workload. Written by author Connor Miller as his first non-fiction piece, and illustrated by the multi-talented web artist Cheyenne Barton, there is truly no better guide for maker-focused life design.

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